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Sedation Dentistry: The Way to Feel Comfortable

If you are afraid of your impending visit to the dentist, worry no more. Sedation dentistry is here to calm your nerves and make you feel comfortable.

Dental anxiety is nothing new. It’s believed that around 80% of dental patients have some kind of dental fear at some point. And sedation dentistry is one of the easiest ways to overcome it.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

The process includes using medication to relax a patient while the dentist performs the required procedure. Also called sleep dentistry, sedation dentistry uses different levels of sedation. However, it does not put the person to sleep as the patients are generally awake, except for in case of general anesthesia.

Types of Sedation:

  • Minimal sedation: the person is completely awake.
  • Moderate sedation: the person is awake but may not remember much of what happens.
  • Deep sedation: the person is at the edge of consciousness but is easy to wake up.
  • General anesthesia — the person is asleep or unconscious and wakes up only when the effect of the medicine wears off.

Different types of sedation are used in dentistry. These include:

  • Inhaled Sedation: The patient breathes nitrous oxide, also known as the laughing gas.
  • Oral Sedation: The patient is given medicines to consume.
  • IV Sedation: The patient is injected.
  • General Anesthesia: The patient is given medicines to consume.

It should be noted that not all dental procedures require sedation. While laughing gas may be a fun idea to try, it is not always recommended simply because it is not needed. In the same way, general anesthesia, the strongest form of sedation, is used only in a few cases.

Is It Safe?

Dr. Dana Keith is an experienced dentist and has performed sedation dentistry on a number of dental patients. She understands the risks associated with the procedure, hence you are in safe hands.

Since sedation involves the use of anesthesia, not all dentists can use all forms of sedation due to the risks involved. A high amount of drug can cause problems for the patient. However, you can put all your worries to rest because at ICC Smiles, we know what we are doing.

For more information on sedation dentistry and how it can help you overcome dental fear and get the dental treatment you need, please call ICC Smiles. You can ring us at (301) 236-9000 and also pay us a visit at 15434 New Hampshire Avenue NE, Silver Spring.

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