Infographic: Teeth Grinding Things You Should Know

The medical term for teeth grinding “bruxism”

In this condition, people generally grind, clench or gnash their teeth. People often make these movements subconsciously when they are awake (like when they are angry or irritated), but they also make them when they are asleep.

Physical Causes

MEDICATION Anti-depressants and anti-psychotics have been know to cause side-effects like teeth grinding.

MISALIGNMENT People with bad, or poorly aligned teeth and jaws often experience involuntary grinding of teeth.

ILLNESS (Nervous system disorders like Parkinson’s & Huntington’s can be the reason behind it as they damage the neural system of the body.

DEHYDRATION Bad habits like smoking & drinking excessive coffee can cause your body to dehydrate which, in turn, triggers teeth grinding.

Emotional Causes

Studies show that anxiety and stress can trigger teeth grinding too.

It is our body’s way to deal with stress and negative emotions.

Different sleep disorders like snoring & sleep talking can also lead to teeth grinding.

Frustration is another thing that can lead to teeth grinding.

Here Is What You Can Do

– Exercise, relax, meditate & yoga

– Get your teeth aligned

– Consult your dentist & wear a night guard


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