Infographic: Stages And Signs Of Gum Diseases

Of US Adults Suffer From Gum 50% Of US Adults Suffer From Gum Diseases.

Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease. It is the easiest to over look.

Symptoms Are Bad breath a bleeding gums when brushed or flossed.

Early Periodontitis occurs after gingivitis

In this phase gums go through bone loss because of the constant attack from the plaque.

Symptoms Are Receding gums a gums that are tender to touch.

Moderate periodontal disease is the third stage.

In this stage, bone loss cannot be reversed. Infection starts spreading ‘ around the roots.

Symptoms Are further recession of gums, bone loss a appearance of 4-6 millimeter pockets.

Advanced Periodontitis Is The Last Stage. It Is The Most Crucial Stage.

It begins when teeth start loosing more support. They would even fall if not treated.

Moderate Or Severe Bone Loss Occurs In This Stage.

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