How Much Do Celebrities Spend on Cosmetic Dentistry?

Untitled-5 copyEver wondered how much money Hollywood stars spent on their dazzling, pearly whites? Surely, you wouldn’t think these people were born perfectly good-looking with matching perfect teeth! Some of them had really bad dental problems which, thanks to their hard-earned superstar income, were resolved through cosmetic dentistry.


Here are some famous people who didn’t hesitate to shell out tens of thousands just to get perfectly aligned, gleaming white teeth.


1. Miley Cyrus (appx. $10,000)

Before she was the Twerking Queen of the south, Miley was Disney’s sweet and charming Hannah Montana. But her teeth didn’t really match her bubbly, cute personality in her teen years. So she had porcelain veneers to re-shape her teeth and make them equal in length and bright white. A complete set of frontal veneers would cost around $10,000 for both top and bottom incisors.


2. Hilary Duff (appx. $15,000)

Another Disney talent, the Lizzie McGuire star was also a yellow-toothed teen. However, Hilary’s veneers were a little more complicated. The first cosmetic procedure she had in 2005 didn’t look natural at all, and many people noticed it. In 2008, she looked for a new dentist and had the veneers redone. Now she sports gorgeous, proportionally sized teeth.


3. Ben Affleck (appx. $20,000)

The Batman heartthrob didn’t have that eye-catching smile when he was younger. Ben had unevenly shaped teeth, which were tinged yellow. After several whitening treatments, veneers, and crowns, and spending $20,000, no one can look away from his captivating smile.


4. Tom Cruise (appx. $30,000)

From no less than Tom Cruise himself, you can’t expect a cheap smile makeover. Reportedly, he has spent more than $30,000 fixing his teeth from alignment to teeth whitening. Bet you didn’t think the image of male perfection had badly stained teeth!


5. Zac Efron (appx. $10,000)

In his High School Musical days, Zac had a huge gap between his incisors which made him look terrible. Add to that his yellowish teeth, and you wouldn’t have even recognized this hunky young lad! According to sources, Zac used clear aligners (Invisalign) to fix the gap between his teeth, and he also had whitening treatments done.


6. George Clooney (appx. $30,000)

The Ocean’s Eleven star also spent a good chunk of cash on his teeth. George had a bad teeth grinding habit, which caused his teeth massive damage. Eventually, he had to get veneers to fix the shape of his worn and crooked teeth. He also had a laser treatment to reduce the gums and reveal more of the teeth crown, making them look longer.


Now that the figures are here, can you imagine yourself spending the same amount of money to get the same procedures? While it’s true that straight, white teeth aren’t the priority of most non-Hollywood people, that doesn’t mean you can’t have the same dental treatments as celebrities. At ICC Smiles, we offer affordable cosmetic treatments that will help you achieve a better-looking smile.


Call us today to know more about our smile makeover packages as well as our cosmetic dentistry procedures. Our friendly staff will be happy to answer any of your queries. You can also set an appointment to meet with Dr. Dana Keith and get a full dental examination to determine what cosmetic procedures you will need for a beautiful, bright smile.

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