What You Need to Know About Lasers and Dentistry

Lasers in dental procedures?

Let’s serve you with some info-bites on the subject of laser dentistry. From its application to its benefits, this post will aim to address all.

First Things First – What’s the Application of Lasers in Dentistry

In dentistry, you basically have two types of procedures. Procedures for soft tissues (your gum), and procedures for hard tissues (your tooth).

Lasers are used in both types of dental procedures.

Laser Based Dental Procedures for Hard Tissues

Some examples include:

  • Lasers are used in early detection of cavities.
  • Lasers are used to treat concerns of tooth sensitivity by sealing the tubules that cause the cold and hot sensation.
  • Lasers are used in the procedures involving tooth filling.
  • Lasers are used in the treatment of wisdom tooth that is partially erupted.

Laser Based Dental Procedures for Soft Tissues

Lasers are also used in many dental procedures that concern soft tissues. Examples include:

  • In the reshaping of gum tissues to facilitate healthy restoration of tooth.
  • To perform frenectomies, in order to solve problems such as speech impediment.
  • To perform painless surgical procedures that involve removal of soft tissue folds.
  • Another area, in which laser dentistry is increasingly being used, is for the treatment of erosive lichen planus.

How Lasers Can Help Dentists and Patients

The application of lasers in dentistry are aplenty. However, what prompts the dentists to use laser dentistry, are the benefits that the modality has to offer over traditional methods.

For instance, the concept of pain in dental procedures is why some avoid visiting a dentist. With laser dentistry, that pain can be negligible. The recovery time is minimized as well.

And yes, how we can forget the benefits of improved dental sterility and minimal blood loss, during and after a procedure has been performed.

Raising the Hand – But is It Safe?

Yes, and an FDA approved treatment. You will be required to wear eyeglasses during a laser procedure, but that is to protect your eyes, more than anything else. Rest assured, laser dentistry is extremely safe.

It is non-invasive, non-aggressive and even used for treating different dental conditions in children.

Is It an Option for You?

Laser is an option for everyone, but not in every case. Because, even though it has many applications in dentistry, it still has some limitations; not every type of dental procedure can be performed with it.

Our team at Dana Keith DDS can professionally guide you in evaluating your options. We have been providing general dental services in Silver Spring for over 25 years, resourcing vast experience and modern treatment modalities to help our clients get the best dental treatment. Schedule your appointment with us.

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