Dentist Near You in Cloverly & Silver Spring, MD


If you ever require family or advanced dentistry services, there is always a dentist nearby that is open for consultation. Dr. Dana Keith’s practice will always welcome you and make sure you leave the office with your oral health issues treated and with a clean and healthy smile. With more than 25 years of experience, Dr. Keith’s practice can address any oral health issues that might spring up, whether they’re part of a long-term issue or an unexpected accident.


Dr. Keith’s practice offers virtually every type of service you could need, whether it’s a regular checkup and cleaning combination or a more advanced service. For example, if you need to surgically replace a lost tooth, Dr. Keith can offer treatments like dental implants, bridges, and inlays and onlays. If you’re fighting oral hygiene issues, the practice can perform a root canal or a deep cleaning. Dr. Keith even provides cosmetic dentistry options like your basic orthodontic treatments (your braces or Invisalign procedures), whitening and full makeover processes.


Regardless if you’re young (there’s pediatric services) or old (there’s both restorative and preventative care options), Dr. Keith has solutions that can take care of your tooth-related concerns. His office will always be nearby and open to any consultations you might need. Make sure to take advantage of this fact and get a professional diagnosis and treatment plan today! So look for the dentist who is near you and open now.