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Sedation Dentistry in Cloverly & Silver Spring, Maryland


sedation dentistry

There are few people in the world that enjoy having work done inside of their mouths with strange tools probing at your teeth and gums. It is not uncommon to be afraid of the dentist or nervous about undergoing oral procedures. Some people are so opposed to the dentist that they decide to avoid the dentist altogether. At Dana Keith DDS, we want to offer the best possible treatment for all of our patients, especially those with a fear of dental procedures. To help our patients that have these fears, we offer sedation dentistry.


What is Sedation Dentistry?


Sedation dentistry is the use of anesthesia during dental treatment to put patients into a relaxed state. The relaxed state experienced is very similar to sleep. Using this technique to relax patients before dental procedures is beneficial for not only the patient but also the dentist. When a patient is sedated in the chair, the dentist will have fewer troubles performing all procedures due to relaxed facial muscles and no pesky gag reflex. As an added bonus for sedation dentistry, procedures performed under anesthesia take much less time. With a relaxed patient that does not need breaks, the dentist can perform all of the required procedures in one sitting that would usually take multiple visits.


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What are the Benefits of Sedation Dentistry?


For the small patient group that have strong opposition to going to the best dentist in Cloverly & Silver Spring, sedation dentistry is the only way that they can get the dental care they need. The benefits of sedation therapy for patients and Cloverly & Silver Spring dentists alike are:


  • Patient relaxation
  • Increased patient comfort
  • Patient cooperation
  • Control of the gag reflex
  • Little or no memory of treatment
  • Sedation dentistry is time saving, so fewer appointments are needed


Is Sedation Dentistry Safe?


Cloverly & Silver Spring Sedation dentistry is extremely safe. At DK Dentistry, we guarantee that our team is fully licensed and properly trained in accordance with the regulations for using anesthesia in a dental practice. If you would like to hear a detailed explanation of the safety procedures we use, feel free to contact our office by phone.


You finally have nothing to fear about going to the dentist! Schedule an appointment with us today to get all of the details you deserve before undergoing a dental procedure while sedated. Our aim is to ensure that you feel extremely comfortable and safe during your experience with us.


Some people can’t stomach dental treatments. For this reason, we offer clients the option of being treated with anesthesia prior to procedures. Looking for a place that practices sedation dentistry in Colesville? You’ve come to the right place!