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Implant Services in Cloverly & Silver Spring, Maryland


Dental implants are small titanium posts placed in the jawbone through a surgical procedure for the purpose of covering up the gap left by missing teeth. These implants provide a root base or anchor for artificial teeth placement. The jawbone forms an almost natural bond with the titanium metal to form stable anchors for teeth replacement.

implant services


Accidents are inevitable in life, and sometimes when they occur there is nothing we can do about it. One of the most common aftermaths of severe accidents is when victims lose their teeth permanently. While in some situations it may impossible to salvage the natural tooth, a replacement with the same functionality is more often necessary. Dental implants are the best solution in such instances. They usually help improve quality of life as well as increase comfort, convenience, and confidence in patients, thus avoiding traumatic experiences. It is in fact the optimal solution for replacing natural teeth.


Candidates of Dental Implants


Everyone wants to maintain their best smile ever. This may not always be possible due to natural cause like old age or accidental happenings. This need not be a permanent situation, however. The question in mind may be what qualifies you as a candidate for implants. To properly answer this question it is important to understand the causes of tooth loss apart from the commonly known ones. Age and accidents aside, one is likely to lose teeth because of tooth decay, gum disease, chronic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure, poor habits like smoking and poor oral hygiene, as well as congenital absence. It should be noted that periodontal disease is the major cause of tooth loss especially in adults. This occurs when enamel is destroyed by acidity due to the continuous penetration of plaque. The impact of bacteria also helps loosen the teeth structures leading to their falling out or causing a need for dental extraction.


Dental implants will help restore dignity and functionality in addition to preserving your smile and keeping it ageless. The advantages associated with implants are numerous. First is the aspect of stability. This is in the sense that you will be able to eat properly as well as pronounce worlds eloquently as opposed to when you are toothless. Your appearance is restored when you undergo the dental implant procedure. You will be able to look and feel natural as well as boost your confidence since there is nothing wrong with your smile. Most people who have suffered tooth loss understand how tiring it is to rely on just a few teeth. With implants this reliance on neighboring teeth for support is eliminated. There is a high chance of reducing decay and further bone loss when you replace fallen teeth with implants. This is attributed to the fact that implants are made from strong and long-lasting materials that hardly decay or get affected by infection. It is also true that implants can last for a very long time.

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Common Implant Services


The dental implant is a scientific invention and like many other discoveries it varies with the procedures involved. There is the sinus augmentation. This is a service that seeks to rectify the enlargement of sinuses following the loss of teeth on the upper back part of the jaw. To properly graft implants on the jaw, it is necessary to restore the sinus cavity to guarantee augmentation. Sometimes tooth loss occurs as a result of infection. In such cases there is a lot of bone loss after extraction. It is usually necessary to fill the space before dental implantation. This requires several bone grafts in an implant site development process. Advancement of technology also benefits the dentistry industry. Proper dental service execution calls for clear dental CT scans. Those with three dimensions are preferred because they help dentists figure out bone location and quality for proper implant placement. In addition to this, the process of using IT enhanced planning helps dentists maintain uniformity, thus guaranteeing the best result.


While getting dental implants may be the best solution for patients without teeth, it is a fruitless endeavor if you neglect your oral hygiene thereafter. Implants are meant to work like natural teeth. This means that they need to be properly maintained to avoid causing any serious infections. While regular brushing is commendable, it is not enough. The reason why you must check in with your dentist for professional cleaning of the implants is because there is a high chance that you will miss a spot and expose your teeth to infection. Regular cleaning with a specialist will maintain your implants in the best working condition.


There other alternatives for loss of teeth besides implants. While dentures and bridges may work, there are numerous reasons why opting for an implant is the best. The stability of implants is unquestionable, unlike some traditional solutions. Dental implants help you retain confidence because they resemble natural teeth even at close range. Implants are also comfortable to eat with and will provide patients with a stronger grip and biting force than dentures and bridges. To crown it all, properly maintained implants have the capability to last a lifetime as oppose to dentures that have a maximum lifespan of only ten years. Even though implants may cost more, every additional dollar is worth it. You may choose implants for the benefit of their versatility too.


No one should lose hope just because they lost a few teeth. Implants have come to bring a lasting solution for many. With strategic placement of implants it is possible to maintain that perfect smile. Provided that you are a nonsmoker, you have a good jawline and strong bones then there is nothing keeping you from getting dental implants to fill the gaps in your mouth. Make that phone call today and schedule an appointment with your dentist. You will never regret it.

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