Tooth Extractions in Cloverly & Silver Spring, Maryland


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Tooth extractions (or having a tooth pulled) is something that can be a little daunting for adults. As a child, losing a tooth was something exciting (and rewarding thanks to the tooth fairy). But, as an adult, the risk of losing permanent teeth tends to scare adults. While it is no cause for celebration, it may be necessary to have a tooth extraction.


Why Would You Need a Cloverly & Silver Spring Tooth Extracted?


There are several reasons why you may need to have a permanent tooth removed. One of the number one reasons a person has a tooth removed is because of severe damage due to trauma or decay that cannot be repaired. Some other reasons may include:


  • Infection: An infection can be caused from severe tooth decay or damage that allows bacteria in the mouth to enter the pulp (The center of the tooth that houses the nerves and blood vessels). While general dentists in Cloverly & Silver Spring try to correct this with antibiotics or root canal therapy (RCT), it sometimes can be such a severe infection that either of these methods do not cure the infection. An extraction is used to prevent the spread of infection.


  • Risk of Infection: In some situations, the risk of even a minor infection may be enough of a reason to have the tooth extracted. Those who have a compromised immune system (potentially due to chemotherapy or having an organ transplant) need to take many precautions in avoiding infections that could be catastrophic. In this scenario, it is best to just remove the tooth and avoid any chance of infection.


  • Periodontal (Gum) Disease: Periodontal disease is an infection of the bones and tissues that surround and support the teeth. Periodontal disease can cause loosening of the teeth, which may make it necessary to have the tooth (or teeth) extracted.


  • A Crowded Mouth: We may recommend a tooth extraction to prepare the mouth for an orthodontist. The purpose of this is to make enough room in the mouth for the teeth to align properly. This may not be possible without an extraction if teeth are too big for the mouth. Another reason to extract a tooth may be due to there not being enough room in the mouth for an incoming tooth that cannot break through the gum.


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Tooth Extraction Procedure


The best dentist in Cloverly & Silver Spring Dr. Keith may decide that a tooth extraction is needed during a regular checkup. Depending on time scheduling, dentists in Chevy Chase may remove the tooth during the regular checkup. A second visit for the procedure may be set up, instead.


Silver Spring dentists or oral surgeons will inject a local anesthetic in the area of where the tooth will be extracted to numb the area. If more than one tooth needs to be removed or the tooth (or teeth) is impacted, our doctors may use a strong general anesthetic. The purpose of this is to prevent pain throughout the body and it allows you to sleep through the procedure.


Every tooth encases its root in the jawbone in a “tooth socket.” Dr. Keith must expand the tooth socket in order to separate the tooth from the ligament that is holding it in place. The procedure is generally quick.


If the tooth is impacted, the dentist may need to cut away the gum and bone tissue in order to reveal the tooth. The dentist will then use forceps to grab the tooth and wiggle it away from the jawbone and ligaments that hold it in place. If the tooth is difficult to remove, it may be done in pieces.


After the tooth has been removed, the dentist will place a gauze pad into the socket and have you gently bite down so that a blood clot will form in the socket. The gentle pressure from your teeth will help stop the bleeding. Sometimes it is necessary for a few stitches to be put in place (usually self-dissolving) in order to close the gum edges over the extraction site.




It is important to try to prevent dry socket. Dry socket occurs when the blood clot in the socket breaks loose (can be caused from sucking through a straw). The bone in the socket is then exposed and can be painful. If this occurs, you should contact the dentist office where a sedative dressing will be placed over the socket for a few days until a new blood clot can form.


Neighboring teeth may shift after the tooth (or teeth) have been removed. This can cause a problem with chewing or jaw joint function. It is important to talk to Dr. Keith about this.


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