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Emergency Dental Care in Silver Spring, Maryland


Emergency Dental CareIf you are having a dental emergency or tooth ache in the Silver Spring – Cloverly area, our practice has dentists available for convenient same day appointments. If you have a cavity, damaged or chipped teeth, a missing filling or just need urgent tooth-ache relief, we will get you in our office and out of pain as quickly as possible. We genuinely care about making your treatment pain-free, and we employ many advanced techniques including sedation and laser dentistry to accomplish this. We are conveniently located in the Cloverly Village Center where parking is free. We accept most dental insurances and are committed to getting you the care you deserve at a price you can afford. We understand that dental emergencies can happen suddenly and be extremely inconvenient, but we are here to help. Call us now to get the relief you need as soon as possible as delaying treatment may lead to serious health problems.


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Dental emergency refers to the general term used for all significant problems involving teeth and related tissue, especially those requiring immediate attention. These problems usually need to be attended to by specialists and professionals. While pain is the main indicator of something being amiss, it is not always true that a dental emergency comes with pain. When a patient feels pain in the teeth it could be because of the teeth, adjacent tissues or it may be an independent cause altogether.


There are a number of dental emergencies which can be indicated by the type of pain. Each emergency requires special treatment, since they are all unique. Dental emergencies include infections of all types, such as bacterial, viral, and fungal infections. The other form of dental emergency is tooth fracturing. Every situation is different and can only be solved through personalized attention and under the supervision of the necessary concerned dental health practitioner. This is the only way to preserve and maintain good oral health; after all, how healthy your teeth are majorly affects athletic performance, eating, and speech.

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Dental Emergencies to Look Out For


Some common dental emergency symptoms include swelling and painful sensations in the teeth. Swelling in the mouth may be an indication of serious infection of the gums or tooth. It is also very vital not to ignore severe pain that does not respond to over-the-counter pain relievers. This is an unquestionable indicator that dental emergency services are needed. Sometimes the pain may spread to the entire face. Some patients also experience continuous bleeding because of infected gums. It is very important to get these checked as soon as you notice them. Patients should also beware of excessive bleeding after tooth extraction.


This usually raises a red flag that something did not go right during the extraction procedure.


  • Never struggle with bleeding that you cannot control.
  • Do not ignore difficulties in breathing and swallowing or when you suffer serious injury to the jaw or mouth.
  • Facial and mouth injuries may turn out to be traumatic despite most people’s beliefs and should therefore never be taken lightly.
  • Some problems, like a knocked out permanent tooth, require urgent dental care to prevent them from becoming unbearable.


Remedies for Emergency Dental Care


As soon as you notice something is wrong with your dental health, the first person to contact should be your dentist. Do not hesitate to schedule an emergency meeting with your dentist even if you do not have a prior appointment. Most dentists understand the nature of their jobs and have set aside time for emergency procedures. It is only reasonable, therefore, to always have your dentist’s number within reach. However, as life is full of surprises, you may find yourself in a situation where getting to a dentist is not possible. Having a few tips on how to handle these emergencies before reaching a dentist may be the only chance to save a life. Nevertheless, it is important to differentiate between emergencies that require immediate attention from those that can wait a while.


One thing remains true for knocked-out teeth. Irrespective of whether the cause was accidental, immediate and urgent attention may be the only way to save and reinstall the teeth. We all know or have heard of how difficult it is to replace permanent teeth successfully. With the right steps, however, replacement may not even be necessary.


  • It is important to pick up the fallen tooth by the crown side, paying particular attention not to tamper with the roots.
  • Gently rinse the tooth until it is clean without having to scrub and disengage the attached tissue.
  • Take measures to protect the tooth from falling down the drain.
  • Try to replace the tooth in its socket; in case this is impossible, place it in a clean container and get to the dentist as fast as possible.
  • Never ignore loose or misaligned teeth; instead, schedule an emergency dental visit immediately.


Before your visit, ensure that you try to put the teeth back to the original position by lightly applying pressure on them. Do not try to stabilize the teeth yourself. This may result in significant injuries.


Yet another common emergency dental problem deals with fractured, cracked and chipped teeth. Chipped teeth pose no grave danger, especially if not accompanied with pain. The dentist may file it smooth it or have it filled. However, for fractured and cracked teeth, the danger is more severe and constitutes a serious dental emergency. This is because it is an indication of a major internal problem. Before visiting the dentist for help, ensure that you rinse your mouth with warm water until properly cleaned. In case of trauma that manifests as swelling on the face, reduce the impact by using a cold cloth. Take painkillers with particular avoidance of aspirin. Take great caution not to burn your gums by applying painkillers on the tooth as most people do. This only causes more damage as opposed to the expected relief. Next, get to the dentist quickly for proper diagnosis and medication after an x-ray is done.


Most dental emergencies manifest themselves as facial traumas with most patients having swollen faces. Tissue injuries on the lips, mouth, cheeks and tongues are also common. Ensure you clean these wounds and get to the hospital immediately before the issue gets out of hand.


If you intend to save your tooth after suffering any dental emergency then you must seek immediate attention. Do not ignore oral infections since they are not only a threat to your teeth, but can cause death. Call your dentist for proper guidance on what action to take depending on the emergency in question.


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