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Smile Makeover in Silver Spring, Maryland


Confidence starts with your smile, and there are many ways to ensure that your smile is among the best. More and more people are starting to become increasingly concerned when it comes to having straight, stain-free teeth. This is also the same for chips, missing teeth in general or any other flaws that are obvious and noticeable. Having a smile makeover is a blessing when it comes to regaining confidence.

The procedures and treatments that dentists use to create a completely new smile include:



Those who have had a smile makeover in the past are always happy about it because they finally have that perfect smile that they’ve wanted.


Dr. Dana Keith creates superior smile makeovers by listening to his patients and what they would like to see from their smile without compromising function. Dr. Keith has a number of patients who now have a beautiful, natural, healthy smile from his makeover treatments. One of his patients had this to say about the smile makeover that he received from Dr. Keith;


“Dr. Keith did a spectacular job transforming my smile. As a CPA, I have many dental clients, and for many months, every dentist who saw me noticed my new smile and complimented me, saying that my dentist had done an excellent job. I have referred all of my friends and family to Dr.Keith. I trust him implicitly.”


Considerations for a Smile Makeover


Your facial appearance, gum tissue, lips, skin tone and the width, the length and the color of your teeth are all taken into consideration when it comes to a smile makeover;


  • The Color of Your Teeth – amalgam dental fillings are able to be replaced with a tooth-colored, natural composite while having your teeth bleached or whitened will greatly improve the dullness or the staining on the teeth. Shading and coloring are very important factors in a smile makeover. This is the same for the preparation for certain procedures, such as dental implants, composite bonding, crowns or bridges.
  • Missing Teeth – If you have missing teeth, even if it’s just one, it can affect the overall appearance of you smile and your bite. Missing teeth can even put you at risk of tooth decay. Having a smile makeover by having partial dentures, bridges or dental implants will improve your smile and give you back the confidence that you need.
  • Spacing and Alignment – if you have teeth that overlap each other, have gaps between your teeth or have teeth that are crooked, you could definitely benefit from a smile makeover. Spacing and alignment issues can be solved by straightening the teeth in the areas of the mouth where it’s necessary and can be done through veneers or even through the regular use of an Invisalign.
  • Chip and Cracks – having chipped or cracked teeth can be fixed by using a gummy smile that will recontour broken teeth and improve the look of your smile overall. They can even be cosmetically bonded to improve the appearance of your smile as well.


Dr. Keith will work with  you and help you to have the perfect smile makeover based on your needs and your wants. A treatment plan will be conducted for you so you can see exactly which procedures and treatments are going to be done on your teeth, such as dental crowns or a full bleaching treatment, to ensure that you regain the confidence that you once had in your smile, and that it will last for years to come.