High Tech Laser Dentistry


High-tech Laser Dentistry

Though lasers may seem a little space age, they have been used in Silver Spring dentistry since 1990. They provide several dental treatments, make procedures more efficient and are a safe alternative to the common dental drill.


What is Laser Dentistry?


Laser dentistry in Silver Spring is an amazing technology that can be used to resolve many dental conditions. The system significantly improves patients comfort in the dental chair. In a clinical trial, 98 percent of patients treated with the Waterlase iPlus technology report no discomfort during the procedure. Because it does not cause heat or vibration in the mouth, laser dentistry may ease the pain and anxiety of patients, reduce post-operative pain and greatly improve healing time. When using the Waterlase iPlus laser, Dr. Keith’s patients report virtually no pain after dental procedures.


Silver Spring Dentists Use the Laser to:


  • Treat dental decay, especially in children
  • Perform painless gum surgery as needed
  • Perform biopsies
  • Lessen tooth sensitivity
  • Remove benign tumors of the oral cavity
  • Prevent infection and gum disease
  • Minimize pain from cankers and cold sores
  • Remove blocked and swollen salivary glands (mucoceles)
  • Reshape or remove gum and bone tissue to enhance your smile
  • Enhance Root Canal Treatment outcomes
  • Eliminate Speech Impediments by performing laser frenulectomy on children (Tongue-Tie Syndrome)


The Waterlase™ iPlus laser uses advanced laser technology to help reduce patient anxiety. The office of Dana Keith, DDS are able to provide minimally invasive restorations because the procedure requires less tooth-structure removal. Less or no anesthesia is necessary because the laser actually energizes the water spray, which is responsible for removing the tooth and gum tissue. There is no heat or trauma to the cells and because of this technology, the body does not go through its normal histological response. This leads to much less post operative swelling and pain. In many cases this also takes less time, enhancing the patient experience.


How Does Laser Dentistry Work?


Lasers use energy in the form of a focused and intense beam. The Waterlase iPlus Laser emits a beam that energizes a precise spray of air and water. Water droplets absorb the laser energy and become energized particles that when directed at the tooth and gums rapidly remove enamel, dentin, decay and gum tissue as desired. The laser is similar to a drill because it can cut, shape, or vaporize tissues it comes in contact with. However, unlike a drill, this method of treatment is a virtually painless, more natural form of dentistry in Silver Spring. Dental treatments performed with the laser need less anesthesia and less drilling. Laser dentistry also reduces bleeding, post-operative pain and swelling.


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The Waterlase iPlus Laser


In our office we have chosen the revolutionary new dental device called the Waterlase iPlus Laser. The laser beam uses a high-tech combination of YSGG laser energy, or an extremely precise spray of air and water. It has been cleared for a full range of periodontal, endodontic, and surgical procedures. The unique properties of this laser make it one of the most efficient and comfortable dental tools in our arsenal.


Five Leading Benefits of Laser Comfort Dentistry


Dental technology has improved by leaps and bounds in the last couple of decades. With these advancements, the patient benefits from better, more efficient dental care. Every scientific discovery and technological advancement provides greater comfort, better efficiency, and more versatility. You can experience extremely safe and comfortable dental procedures in Dr. Keith’s office because of laser dentistry. In fact, here are the leading advantages of using this new technology.


Better Precision and Accuracy


With laser treatment our dentists can remove enamel, bone, and gum tissue with exact precision. None of the surrounding areas of treatment will be affected. More of your natural tooth structure is preserved and you can keep more of the smile you were born with.


Fewer Appointments


Did you know that the need for anesthesia is often why it takes more than one visit for a single treatment? Because of laser dentistry, we can perform cavity prep in all areas of your mouth with just one visit. In turn, you save the time, the cost, and the hassle of multiple appointments.


Less Swelling or Bleeding


Even the most conservative dental treatments can leave your mouth in rough shape. Due to the minimalist cutting action, dental lasers can perform procedures with little or no post-op bleeding or swelling.


Minimizes Trauma


Dental drills, despite their usefulness, can cause hairline cracks and fissures in the teeth. These almost invisible breaks can lead to future dental problems, not to mention that the heat and vibrations from the drill are uncomfortable and lead to a lot of patient anxiety. Laser dentistry prevents unnecessary damage to the tooth and surrounding area. There is no heat, no vibration, no high-pitched whine, and no need for anxiety.


Improved Versatility


With the Waterlase iPlus laser, our doctors can perform many procedures that were previously only offered by specialists using traditional surgical methods. This is because of the versatility of laser dentistry. The laser treatments can be used on both hard and soft tissues. It can be used in root canals, smile design, and periodontal therapy. This general, cosmetic, and surgical tool may be the answer to all your dental problems.


Is Laser Dentistry Safe?


Our trained practitioners use this laser according to accepted practices. It is at least as safe and effective as other dental instruments in the office. In fact, as dental lasers become more popular in offices around the world, the cost becomes more and more affordable. Eventually dental lasers could make it possible for practitioners to access any part of the tooth. That means lasers could completely replace the need for traditional drills.


Dr. Keith and associates have invested in this technology to provide our patients with the best care. Simply put, Laser Technology provides treatment options for the benefit of our patients that traditional dentistry cannot. If you are interested in learning more about laser dentistry feel free to contact us. By scheduling an appointment we can determine if laser treatment is right for you and address any questions or concerns you may have.


We provide laser dentistry services in Colesville, Cloverly, and Silver Spring! At our clinic, we make use of the Waterlase™ iPlus laser, which employs cutting edge laser technology to carry out dental procedures. It is not only safe and effective, but reduces patient anxiety too!


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