Dental Health for Athletes

Dental Health for the Athlete

If you are an athlete in any sport looking to step up your game, good oral health is a must. Here are some timely tips to keep your teeth strong and healthy from Dana Keith DDS in Silver Spring, MD.athletics

Always wear a mouthguard

Football, hockey, baseball, skiing, and soccer are all sports that can cause serious trauma to the mouth and teeth. Basketball players are much more likely than football players to suffer serious trauma to the teeth and mouth. This is why it is so important to always wear protection for the mouth during games and practices.

Stay away from sodas and sports drinks

Colas have sugar that can harm teeth, and they can dehydrate as well. Sports drinks may or may not contain sugar, but most are highly acidic, and can cause harm to the enamel of your teeth. Hydrate with water as well to help protect your teeth. For tough and strenuous workouts, try unsweetened coconut water. It is an effective alternative with nutrients and high in electrolytes. Children are especially vulnerable to dehydration, so keep a close eye on their activities and when they should drink.

Fight dry mouth

Intense workouts can leave athletes gasping for breath, and that can translate into a dry mouth. A dry mouth without a sufficient flow of saliva allows food particles to remain in the mouth where bacteria breeds freely. If you add an acidic or sugary sports drink to the mix, things get even worse. Always keep a bottle of cold water or fleshy veggies or fruits nearby to hydrate and flush out your mouth.

Your general practice dentist can help you to maintain a healthy and attractive smile, and some even offer emergency dental services if the unthinkable happens. Set up an appointment today and find out if you have any issues before you start a strenuous exercise regimen.


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