tips for protecting your teeth

5 Tips for Protecting Your Teeth This Summer

tips for protecting your teetSummer! It might be your favorite time of the year for indulging in fun and sun, but it is also a time where dentists see an increase in dental problems. Seasonal foods and activities can damage your teeth if you are not careful. This is why you need tips for protecting your teeth.

At ICC Smiles we want you to have a great summer, but not at the expense of your oral health, so here are some tips.

5 Tips for Protecting Your Teeth in the Summer

Here are some of the best ways to keep your teeth strong and resilient during the summer months:

1. Swim and Rinse

You probably shower off after you spend time in a chlorinated pool, but do you take the time to rinse your teeth and mouth with clean water? Chlorine is acidic and can dry out your mouth. If you spend extended amounts of time in the pool be sure to try and swim with your mouth closed and take time to rinse off to help prevent acid erosion.

2. Prepare to Floss After Your Backyard BBQ

Nothing quite compares to delicious summer foods. Grilled meat, corn on the cob, hot dogs at the ballpark—these all leave behind stubborn food particles. If you do not remove that small bit of steak it can wedge along the gumline and lead to infection and decay. So pack some floss in your pocket and pull it out after every BBQ to remove those pesky bits of food.

3. Drink More Water

When the weather gets hot you need to stay hydrated. Do not turn to sweet teas, lemonades, or sports drinks to quench your thirst. Some of these seasonal favorites contain three times more citric acid when compared to most sodas. When consumed too often these acidic and sugary beverages break down the enamel and put you at a greater risk of dental decay. Opt for water instead. And if you do indulge in a cup from the lemonade stand, drink it quickly and immediately rinse your mouth with water.

4. Guard Your Smile

Warmer weather also means more outdoor activities and sports. Riding bikes, longboarding, kayaking—all of these things can put you at risk of dental trauma. Not to mention the sports like soccer, volleyball, and football. If you enjoy a lot of summer sports and recreation consider talking to Dr. Dana Keith about customized mouth guards.

5. Cut Back on Candy

This tip works for any time of year, but especially during summer. Salt water taffy from the fair or Cracker Jack are sticky, sugary snacks, and nightmares for your teeth. They can stick between teeth or even make teeth loose. You should avoid these types of snacks completely if you wear dentures or have braces.

By following these few tips you can have an even more enjoyable summer and hopefully avoid emergency visits to our office. You can even start prepping for summer now.

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